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These expansion packs are independently published by Fastline Simulation and need to be bought from our online shop.

Offering a variety of liveries, weathering, loading and deeply researched scenarios, our Train Simulator stock packs are generally designed to allow you to recreate freight trains on the British Railway network from the 1950s through to the present day.

Generally we cover all of the main variations of build detail and link these back to liveries and and loads which results in a comprehensive and extensive addition to your collection.

As longer wheelbase air braked vans were introduced it became apparent that there were some traffics that they were not suitable for. One such commodity was government stores from munitions factories to MoD depots which had a number of tight curves and clearances that were more suited to the traditional short wheelbase vans that had seen use for most of the previous century in one form or another. The issue was further compounded by the requirements to introduce a modern air braked wagon fleet and all the suitable wagons were vacuum braked!

Sometimes we find ourselves attracted to the unusual or mysterious. This expansion features one of the most unusual and secretive workings on the railways, carrying bank notes and bullion between London and the regional banking centres.

The rolling stock featured in this expansion was developed as a reaction to the Great Train Robbery and the requirement to increase security for this high value cargo.

In a little bit of a diversion from our usual diet of air braked wagons we're quite excited to have a new modeler on board who has produced some short wheelbase goods vans.

Fifty years ago most goods trains and goods yards would have had a selection of short wheelbase goods vans carrying many different kinds of delicate commodities, many of which would have been loaded and unloaded by hand.

The HEA Hoppers - Post BR are the fifth rolling stock expansion we have created for Train Simulator.

This expansion pack builds on our Project East Coast stock pack featuring the HEA hoppers and brings them up-to-date carrying the shadow privatisation liveries and with the small modifications that have taken place from the early 1990's through to the present day.

The HBA/HEA Coal Hoppers are the fourth expansion we have created for Train Simulator 2014 and continuing our Project East Coast series of stock packs featuring rolling stock that could have been found on the East Coast Mainline in the 1970s and 1980s.

Built in the late 1970's and early 1980's for industrial and household coal this expansion features the hoppers with two different types of suspension and carrying two livery variations.

The railways have always been good at making use of things they have lying around to create something new and useful, now we're done the same with our VDA van chassis.

Converted during the early 1990's the Sea Urchins were designed as a replacement for older vacuum braked and unfitted engineers wagons used for carrying ballast or spoil with reinforcing ribs to help them withstand the battering given to them by mechanical excavators when loading or unloading.

The VDA van was a logical choice to be one of the first add-on releases as a part of Project East Coast for Train Simulator as special white roofed versions had a daily duty carrying chocolate and confectionery between factories owned by the Rowntrees company in York and Newcastle.

Built during the mid 1970's, the VDAs were the fourth version of air braked covered vans developed by British Rail and were a stepping stone between the traditional goods van and sliding wall vans.

The impressive 102t Class A bogie tanks were the first release in our Project East Coast range of add-ons for Train Simulator and were some of the first big wagons seen on the UK rail network.

The pack features loaded and empty physics, clean and dirty versions, TEA and TEB variants and rear versions fitted with a Bardic battery tail lamp which was used to avoid using a barrier wagon to keep an oil lamp away from the highly flammable cargo.

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