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So here we are at the end of November and things seem to be happening at a breakneck pace!

Fastline Simulation: An ex works dia. 1/483 BORAIL is seen outside the works in fitted freight brown livery.

We now have a total of seven expansions for Train Simulator available on Steam Marketplace and judging by the sales figures we received today a lot of you appear to have been taking advantage of the Thanksgiving Sale which is appreciated. We're certainly not resting on our laurels though, and a large amount of progress has been made since the last update in October. We're still unsure of the best format for the update now that things are moving so much faster, so let's try something a little different for this one but please do tell us the kind of format you prefer.

Clay Shapes

The following expansions are currently at the clay shape stage of development

  • BRA Bogie Rail Wagon
  • BDA 80t Bogie Bolster

Individual Versions

The following expansions have completed the modelling stage and are having final assembly completed to create each of the individual versions to be included in the expansion pack

  • Rebodied dia. 1/146 21T HTOCoal Hoppers
  • dia. 1/143 21T HTO Coal Hoppers with riveted bodies and LNER brake

Submitted for Quality Assurance

This expansion has completed our internal development and testing regime and is now with Dovetail Games to undergo Quality Assurance testing


Awaiting release

The following expansions have successfully completed Quality Assurance testing at Dovetail Games and are now awaiting their release slot

  • BDO 60T Bogie Bolsters
  • dia. 1/146 21T HTO Coal Hoppers
  • dia. 1/141 21T HTO Coal Hoppers
  • dia. 1/146 25t HTV Coal Hoppers
  • dia. 1/146 21T HTV Coal Hoppers 

Released this month

These are the expansions that have been released on Steam Marketplace in the past month

  • CEA Covered Hoppers [Loadhaul]
  • CEA Covered Hoppers [EWS]
  • HSA Scrap Wagons
  • RNA Barrier Wagons
  • VCA 45t 2-Axle Vans

As you can see these are very busy times and a large number of items are making their way through at the moment. For added variety we have another bonus stock item to bundle in with some of the forthcoming releases and have already started the negotiations for the next tranche of expansion to release via Steam Marketplace.


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